Zen’s Training Academy Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q. I am interested in attending the Academy on one of your courses and would like to know if any previous experience in hair or makeup is required or are they suitable for complete beginners.

A. All our courses are expertly designed in order to cater for your needs, for you to learn new skills and also build up on existing knowledge and skills too.  If you are new to the hair & makeup industry we would advise you to enrol on our 4 day intense hair & makeup course which will help you build up your confidence in your selected field and help you build a foundation towards a career in the hair & makeup industry.

Q. Am I eligible for the course.

A. To enrol on one of our courses you need to be 16 or over

Q. How many students do you teach per session.

A. We only teach a maximum of 4 students per session.  We ensure our class sizes are kept small to give you the best possible potential to learn and receive maximum one-to-one guidance and personal attention.

Q. Can I apply for a one to one course.

A. Yes, this can be arranged

Q. Will I receive a starter kit.

A. Your starter kit is included in the 4 day intense course, this kit consists of brushes you will be using throughout your course.  It is your responsibility to keep these brushes clean and in good condition

Q. Do I need any previous experience.

A. No, just a keen interest in hair or makeup or both.

Q. Do I get a certificate at the end of the course.

A. Yes, you will receive a fully accredited certificate, accredited by The Guild of Beauty Therapists.  Full attendance is required to obtain a certificate and also a practical test needs to be completed.

Q. Do I receive on-going support.

A. We are the only academy that work closely with you AFTER your course to ensure you are fully competent in your chosen field.  We provide you with a number of extra practical sessions at NO extra cost.

Q. Is a test required at the end of the course.

A. Yes, a practical test is required where a model will be provided for you, you are required to carry out two looks of your chosen field within a time limit to ensure you receive your certificate.  This is something we require our students to complete as it gives US as an Academy and YOU as a student full satisfaction that we have achieved our goal.

Do you have another question?  contact us and we will get that answered for you.